What is ClickIt?

ClickIt was developed as both an educational tool and a tool to make web development easier and quicker. Currently, two Scottish schools have stated their interest in using ClickIt with their classes.

ClickIt was developed as Jamie Balfour's honours project for a BSc [Hons] in Computer Science.

The original aims for the ClickIt project were:

To develop an engaging online learning environment that can encourage children to develop websites using HTML and CSS whilst also to make this new method of developing HTML and CSS easier than what already exists for doing the same tasks.

Who we are

Jamie Balfour BSc [First Class] Computer Science

My name is Jamie, known to many as Binary Balfour. My interests lie in teaching and education mixed with computing.

I am the main developer of ClickIt™ and oversee all development of it.

In 2005 I took up programming with Visual Basic 6 and VB.NET. My brother and I began writing software for distribution, the most used being Cobweb Internet Browser and Painter Pro (both of which I solely write now). My brother still contributes icons and photography to the projects.

In 2010 I opened my own personal website, jamiebalfour.co.uk, and then in 2012 I learned HTML and CSS and became a web designer. I rebuilt my website with a more elegant style. Since then I have not looked back.

My main project currently is ZPE.

My interests include computer programming language design, software and web development, web design and usability, teaching and education. My other hobbies include writing about technology, web development and design, playing games and travelling around the UK.

You can read more about me on my personal website: jamiebalfour.com.

Michael Balfour

My name is Michael Balfour. I am primarily interested in art and graphics, as well as photography.

I develop the graphics that are used in ClickIt™. I have a passion for making icons look professional and ensuring they represent what the are meant to.

Using ClickIt logos

Since ClickIt is a free and open project, all logos, which were created by Michael Balfour, are listed by size below:

Size not listed? Since the logo was created using a vector package, you can request a size and I will publish it here.

Support ClickIt

ClickIt is a free application that relies on support. Currently the website costs around $30 a year. The only way for it to continue is for you to donate. Please donate to me today to support the development of ClickIt™

Get in touch

Visit Jamie Balfour's website to get in touch.