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We have a problem!

Web development consists of at least two languages that need to be learned. What You See Is What You Get is not often the case. These editors also discourage the learning of the code that actually makes webpages - which is a huge problem if you need to learn HTML or CSS, say for an exam. These editors also don't give much power over what can be put in to the page since there is so much that can be done!


ClickIt is currently only supported on desktop devices with a mouse. Mobile devices may get support in the future.

WYSIWYG is great but...

WYSIWYG is one of those wonderful concepts that gets a lot right, but has many other problems. One of the main issues with this style of web development is that it new features are brought to web development every day but they don't come to these editors quickly enough. Another problem is that code generation is difficult with a WYSIWYG editor.

The main problem however, particularly in education, is the lack of knowledge obtained on how HTML and CSS work.

We also have a solution!

ClickIt is an all-in-one solution that generates syntactically correct HTML and CSS by trading writing code for dragging blocks, whilst also giving users the knowledge of what HTML and CSS do and how they work.

There is a lot of emphasis on indentation and nesting in HTML, which is designed to make HTML development more code-like.

A quote from Francesco Maiorana describes the problem:

Mastering all the knowledge required is deemed 'unreasonable' while some practical level of understanding in all the technologies is considered necessary.

And there is a lot of knowledge required to develop a website as it is.

You can read Jamie Balfour's BSc Honours thesis on ClickIt here.

Learning to build a website can be made much easier. With ClickIt we can make this happen.

Academic institutes who are interested in using ClickIt should email Jamie Balfour before using ClickIt. I ask this so that I can get an idea as to what you are using ClickIt for and use this information to help improve it.

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